Beit Neitser
Messianic Fellowship

Who we are

Beit Neitser Messianic Fellowship is a family-based, “Messianic” community committed to growing in the grace and knowledge of God (2 Peter 3:18), according to the teachings of the Torah (Hebrew Bible and the Apostolic Writingsand, in particular, the principles, values, example and attributes of character of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

The word “Messianic” in our name designates the cultural focus of our Fellowship. That is, while our faith community is not Jewish, we identify with the original, Hebraic context, culture and relevant traditions recorded in the scriptures, as did Yeshua, His disciples and the Early Church.

Beit Neitser Messianic Fellowship acknowledges and respects the everlasting covenant and relationship between the Jewish people and HaShem (Godand, as such, does not proselytise or seek in any way to ‘draw away’ Jewish people from their faith. Rather, we respect the ‘dignity of difference’ and actively work to bless, help and support Jewish people wherever and whenever we can.

Upcoming Services
13th July 2019 
Torah Club
20th July 2019 - 11am
Liturgical Service
27th July 2019 - 10am
Torah Club
3rd August 2019 - 11am
Liturgical Service
10th August 2019 - 10am
Torah Club
17th August 2019 - 10am
Torah Club
24th August 2019 - 11am
Liturgical Service
31st August 2019 - 10am
Torah Club
7th September 2019 - 11am
Liturgical Service
Video Teachings
You can watch our weekly teachings on our
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Torah Club
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We meet at Intenciti Church every Saturday, please see our service times above.
287 Preston Rd
Wynnum West, QLD, 4178